Sunday, July 5, 2009


Okay, so this is what the family wants to know about most. Tiger is due on September 18, 2009. That makes her about 29 weeks or maybe 7 months pregnant.

I've gone through all kinds of thoughts about how our lives are going to change, but at this point I am 100% convinced that I am not ready.

To start mostly at the beginning, we were planning this whole endeavor, but were kind of shocked at how quickly Tiger became pregnant after we started trying. So, we made an appointment with a highly recommended obstetrician. We were called into the examination room, and by the time I had hung up my jacket, a technician had put an ultrasound on Tiger's belly and had a picture of our little bundle of joy on the screen.

This is what we saw:

We thought it (at the time we didn't know he was a boy) looked like a gummy bear.

Our friends' four year-old girl helped us pick out the name Sparkee.

Sparkee, Tiger, and me

Hi everybody,

I finally started the blog I've promised.

Let's start with the title. I'm Bill. Tiger is my wife. And Sparkee is our unborn child. My wife and child's names are changed to protect their innocence. I don't figure I'll say anything so embarrassing/illegal/provocative that this anonymity is necessary, but I have on occasion made mistakes in the past. This blog is basically about my life with them, hence the title.

Things I'll talk about include:
  • News and reflections about Sparkee being born and growing.
  • Home repair projects in our new (less than a year) house.
  • Yard work and gardening.
  • Car repair including, hopefully, lots of restoration of my 1969 Saab 96 DeLuxe
and because I can't help it,
  • Politics

I keep on having new ideas about the format and content I can put on this thingie, so I figure it's going to be a little chaotic for a little while. I'll start by trying to use labels for all my posts so you, the reader, can easily find all the posts you want to read and avoid all my political ranting.